A Recap of 2020

2020 was a year unlike anything else. A lot of different things happened, many unlike what the world had ever seen before. From a global pandemic taking over everything to allegations of voter fraud and protests turning into riots, it was a year unlike any other. Some of the highlights of what happened in 2020 include:

The Covid-19 virus, which started in 2019 in China, started to make its way into America. As a result, many businesses, travel industries, and even schools across the nation closed down. Adults were worried about whether they could work and get a paycheck and children were now at home learning in a new way.
George Floyd died: The death of this black individual proved to be the tipping point for many, regardless of their race, and brought them out in large numbers to protest the mistreatment of the black community.
Mask mandates: As many states started to reopen so children could go back to school and adults could go back to work, there were many mask mandates that were brought out as well to continue to keep people safe.
The 2020 election: The 2020 election proved to be a big mess. There was a lot of high emotions on both sides of things, causing large voter turnouts for Biden and Trump that year.
Election fraud: There were many allegations of voter fraud after the election that declared Biden as the winner.
The Covid-19 vaccine: Towards the end of the year, the covid-19 vaccine was finally released in America. Some saw this as a great way to help provide safety and others worried that the vaccine itself would not be safe.

This year has been full of drama and a lot of news each day. Let’s see what the year of 2021 can do for us next!